Create Your Ultimate Rider

Vodka Cruiser was looking to engage their active social networks with a fun competition. The Create Your Ultimate Rider site invited people to live their dreams of getting ready for a night out like a Rock Star, a Diva or The Boss. The the winner scored a hotel room filled with a selection of outlandish items chosen through the interactive experience.

The competition is closed, and the site is now offline.

Wireframes and usability testing

I created responsive wireframes in Axure, with the brief for users to be able to quickly add 8 rider items, but also promote the brand and product throughout the user journey. The result was particularly nice for the mobile experience, which was the device we expected most of the entrants to be using.

Doing some guerrilla testing in the office I was able to make a few improvements, which were incorporated before getting client approval.

Visual design

I worked with the art director and another designer to create the beautiful interface for the site, as well as other collateral like social posts and eDM.

VicSuper – Get Super Active – campaign site
Home Timer and Hardware – Hardest Hands – competition site