Get Super Active

VicSuper wanted to inform the public of just how much (or little) superannuation it was projected they would retire with. As a way of doing this, an outdoor activation was built with stacks of banknotes that people could hold and feel.

Our team were engaged to create an online experience which could replicate this tangible approach to holding actual money.



Requirements & User Journeys


To begin, I gathered all the project requirements from the client, including technical details from a 3rd party API which would deliver actual superannuation projections based on a user’s details. The site would need to reside on their secure servers, and integrate with pre-existing software and infrastructure.

We decided to use video for the cash falling into view, so some research was done into the technical limitation of running video across a matrix of devices.

User Journeys

I mapped out several user journeys and had them signed off by the client, to ensure the potential customer’s information was captured.


I created a responsive prototype in Axure. Desktop and mobile wireframes were checked with users, tweaked and then handed off to the designer and developers.

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