The campaign uses real West Australians to show how seemingly unique, unforgettable experiences are in fact “Just Another Day in WA”.

As part of the rollout I was involved in several touchpoints of the user journey, from designing UX and some visual elements of the website to display ads which drive users to the site.

This included dynamic ads which pulled in the current date next to an image of a beautiful scene in WA. The idea was to show that at any given moment, or date, these extraordinary experiences were happening in Western Australia. Simple and concise they hinted to a resource of information regarding such experiences. I created the structure of the site, it’s information architecture and wireframes which were then handed to another visual designer. In an agile team I worked with the producer, tech lead and off-site developer to produce a beautiful and functional website that can can keep growing as more contributors add their experiences to the list of other great articles and short essays.

User journeys

To launch the multi million media budget there will be a huge push from traditional media, including “snackable” films on tv and pre-rolls, as well as digital display ads. The audience are encouraged to search online for JustAnotherDayInWA which will allow them to find the website. Here they can enjoy more content, as well as push them further toward booking a holiday to WA by presenting third party deals on flights and hotels.


I created the structure of the site in Axure from the user journeys. Then the content requirements were developed with the client before delivering to the designer a functional prototype with responsive layouts, including off-canvas menus for smaller displays.

User testing

The site launched in early June 2016 so we will evaluate the sites effectiveness from analytics data and further user testing will be conducted to make iterative improvements.

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