Your Window to WA

The site is designed to encourage people from all states of Australia to make a vacation to Western Australia, based around an event. To achieve this there was an idea to utilise a user’s own interests, both from ‘scraping likes’ from their Facebook profile, or by manually selecting categories that most closely align to their preferences.

The site is currently offline.

User journeys

There are two distinct users for site:

  1. Intrastate visitors, mainly from the east coast of Australia
  2. Interstate visitors from Western Australia, mainly from Perth.

I collaborated with the technology team to establish an algorithm which served up the best results of events, based on their interests and geographic location.

The flow of information is the same between each user journey, but the time period for visitation is different.


I created a simple mechanic for quickly and easily choosing your interests: either by logging in via Facebook, or manually selecting relevant interests.

A hero event is then presented to the user, followed by some supporting events and destination information around the same time period and geolocation.

User testing

By testing the wireframes on real users I was able to tweak the interface to make it even easier to use, and further improve the UX. I performed the user testing with Silverback App on desktop, and hand written notes for users on mobile devices.

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