Disaster Response Depot

Most donations to CARE Australia occur during times of disaster, but how do they drive donations without disaster as the draw card? Between the client and our team, we came up with the Disaster Response Depot, which focuses on donating as a group and multiplying the effectiveness of each donation. Contributions would help CARE stockpile supplies in warehouses around the world in preparation for when disaster strikes.


The client had a specific brief and idea for the project, but during our collaborative workshop it was discovered that certain constraints meant a new direction was required. Without the budget to drive enough traffic to make it worthwhile, we pivoted towards a more socially-led mechanism of group donations.

Another crucial piece of information discussed during the workshop was from a UN study that claimed a dollar given during times preparing for disaster was actually 7 times more valuable than a dollar given during a disaster. This would then become a key concept in the project.

User journeys

There were 2 specific users who would visit the site:

  1. a new user setting up a pallet for donations to be added to.
  2. an invited user, who would contribute to the pallet.


To highlight the 7 times multiplier  I implemented some interaction design within Axure. I used expressions to create an animation of a figure increasing as donations are given. This was referenced by the developer during the front end development.


I rolled out a set of mobile and desktop designs based on creative concepts. Elements were illustrated and treated to give a visual style of a well-used warehouse.

Design prototype

As a way of presenting designs to the client, as well as help them understand the interaction designs, I took static output and created an interactive Marvel App prototype.

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