British Paints website

The team from British Paints, a sub-group of Dulux, approached us to design a new website that reflected their new brand positioning and visual style, which their old website failed to accomplish. The existing CMS made it difficult to update so we set out to create an experience that would make it easily updated, and deliver content to empower users to tackle a painting project themselves, with the help of British Paints.


The client identified two main target audiences for the site: a regular consumer and a trade customer. Within the consumer audiences there were two sub-categories, named the “pragmatist” and a “fashionable-home(maker)”. Each were given tasks to accomplish which then validated the user journeys and information architecture.

The site would need to cater for two slightly different sets of information architecture, but be built on a CMS that could re-use templates, and switch out a different look and feel for each site.

When the site launched in February 2015 the trade section was put on hold.

Information architecture and user flows

The new site needed to simplify the process of choosing the right colours for a painting project. From the user flows I discovered some functional improvements:

  • Non-linear pathways: flow through the site with support for multiple entry points.
  • Project planner: allow users to store information around colour, product, quantity, inspiration, how-to and store locations.
  • Mobile specific: send project details from Project planner to mobile number via SMS or by email. This can also be achieved from the Project pages.


I collaborated with the developers to create a set of wireframes, containing the most important pages of the site.

Visual designs

My role was to take the creative concepts from the team and roll it out across desktop and mobile, for both the consumer and trade sites.

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