My name is James Gilbert, and I am a UX UI Designer with over 15 years experience in design and development in the digital creative industry.

Here is my folio of recent work, including display banners, eDMs, landing pages, social media and motion graphics for out-of-home.


Visual design

I use Adobe CC and Sketch. I have great attention to detail and understanding of brand guidelines, with experience delivering accessibility compliance.

HTML5 rich media

I have extensive skills in HTML 5 ad banners, using Adobe Animate, Adobe Edge and Google Web Designer, as well as design and build of eDM.


I have experience retouching high-end compositions for websites, social media posts, digital display ads, eDM, using complex techniques in Adobe Photoshop.

Motion graphics

I have over 14 years experience animating for web, presentations and TV production, using Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Edge Animate and Flash.

Responsive web design

Designing for mobile, tablet and desktop, with a focus on the right interface for each device, whilst ultimately making it look great.

Wordpress development

I have experience designing for WordPress, and making front-end adjustments in code and extensions, e.g. HTML/CSS, Visual Composer and widgets.


Display ads

For over 8 years I have delivered countless digital advertisements, using various software and technology ad platforms. My current skill-set includes Adobe Animate, Google Web Designer and Adobe Edge Animate, as well as hand coding using HTML/CSS and Javascript.

I have been using both Sizmek and DoubleClick platforms for many years, and I am comfortable uploading assets and creating ads in both platforms, including dynamic elements within banners.

A small selection of banners I've created recently:
Two examples of responsive eDMs I've designed recently. Preview on either desktop or mobile:


I am proficient in the design process for creating attractive, responsive eDMs that appear great across platforms and email clients.

My usual process is to create a wireframe before going into design and development. The client can review the information hierarchy and content strategy.

I always strive to implement email best practice, which is no mean feat considering the limitations of various mail clients. Still, a design shouldn’t suffer from lack of font and/or image support, so my designs gracefully fall-back and still look great.

Landing pages

I implement a lean UX workflow for designing responsive landing pages. I get client approval for creative concepts and wireframes and then user-test to make improvements before moving into visual design.

I then prepare development-ready assets for a front-end developer, and ensure the designs are brought to life as intended.

Social media

I have high-end retouching skills for creating beautiful designs, always to the various specifications of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In particular my expertise is with Facebook: canvas, sponsored posts, regular posts, cover images and video.

Motion graphics

I have over 15 years experience in motion graphic for creating engaging short videos to attract the attention of passers-by.

My tools of choice are Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate.



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Yarraville, Victoria, Australia
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